About Us

Why we says that, "WE THINK DIFFERENTLY" Every Manufacturer Claims different things like top quality, history and many more. Above on all these major things like quality, service and pricing. We say, we try to do something which other may refuse to do and we continuously attempt to improve the design of our Instruments range.
As we have young but experience management team, which think professionally and logically.
We have offer very competitive prices, but we don't compromise on our quality. Which is mostly appreciated by our customers. In short, the name of 'JR BROTHERS' is guarantee of trust.
On this trust we want to build long term business relationship with our customers. Once we agree on our prices with you, which do not affect on our quality, you do not need to worry about the quality of the instruments and service. In other words we want to win the trust of our customers.
Nothing is impossible, if one want to do something. If you are really interested to buy any instrument from any where. You will find us quite open and ready to talk on all aspects, like quality of product, pricing, finishing, hardness process etc, until your satisfaction.
We are also ISO 9002 certified by TUV (Germany) QSR approved by FDA (USA) and also CE.

With best regards.